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Doggie VIP Day Care provides an enjoyable experience for your little one when you are away. We afford a much better alternative to leaving dogs home alone. At Doggie VIP, our dogs have lots to do: run, play, socialize with a new friend, get a breath of fresh air, play with our equipment, or take a peaceful nap. Our Day Care offers a safe, secure and healthy place where each dog’s needs are met, while having lots of enjoyment.

We offer private, personalized attention to your dog’s grooming needs. Our full grooming includes bathing, paws, nails, dental, eyes, ears, skin, coat and shedding. Your furry friend will love the experience!

Call for Information (restrictions apply)

Our goal is to make your pet feel right at home. Your pet will be care for around the clock in a safe, comfortable environment made just for them. From comfy overnight accommodations to supervised areas full of toys, we want them feel at home when away from you, we want to make Doggie VIP part of their family.

We recommend that owners bring their pet’s own food for their stay. Please bring single meal servings in containers or bags labeled with your pet’s name, and provide written feeding instructions. We would, however, provide food for our guests if that is your choice.

Pick up and drop off

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