Need to go places and can’t take your dog with you? Enjoy your day knowing that your dog is safe, secure and pampered. Doggie VIP is a specialized pet spa where our guests are indulged and entertained in a comfortable and convenient alternative to in-home sitting.


Doggie VIP is your pet’s home away from home and more!

We are a small family owned and operated doggie spa that offers the best in pet care. Our objective is to provide comfortable and supervised play areas, so your pet will be pampered, relaxed and happy.


In the hands of our team of dedicated animal lovers, your pet will be taken care of around the clock in a safe and comfortable environment 


Open 7 days a week 🐶 Daycare, Boarding,

made just for them. Doggie VIP is a clean and friendly establishment, open seven days a week and with flexible drop-off and pick-up times to suit your needs. We combine dedication, knowledge and experience in order to provide the best possible out-of-home experience for your little friend.