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It all started when we welcomed our dog Lolita into the family in 2014. Lolita was a bundle of energy, her presence in our lives filled us with joy and an indescribable amount of love. We looked high and low for a reliable dog sitter, trying even the most well-known names. Yet, even after months of searching, we couldn't find one with whom we were truly comfortable. With only bad experiences to share, we soon realized that we couldn't trust anyone with our four-legged friend. We decided to take matters into our own hands. We wanted to open a doggy daycare that would ensure every dog received the same love and care we wished for Lolita. We wanted to be sure that the facilities were top-notch and that staff members were trained in canine care and safety to ensure that every parent had a resource to turn to. We offer everything we were looking for and more: daycare, spa, overnight stays, pick-up and drop-off services, cat care, and dog walking 365 days a year. With our doggy daycare, we strive to create a safe, clean, and loving environment for all dogs. The goal of our business is to help parents celebrate their furry kids. We understand that leaving your pet can be a difficult experience, so we take the time to get to know our customers, their furry ones, and what they need in order to feel comfortable with us. Whether it's regular daily daycare for working parents or a safe and dependable place to leave their pup while on vacation, we have it all. At DoggieVIP, our mission is to ensure peace of mind and that every dog is treated VIP, like a Very Important Pet.


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