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Doggie VIP Day Care provides an enjoyable experience for your little ones when you are away, we procure a much better alternative to leaving dogs home alone. At Doggie VIP our dogs have lots to do: run, play, socialize with new friends, get a breath of fresh air, or take a peaceful nap. Our Day Care offers a safe, secure and healthy place where each dog’s needs are met, while having lots of enjoyment.




To ensure the safety of all pets at Doggie VIP, the following is required for daycare:

- We accept all dogs starting at three (4) months of age with all the vaccines required to be in daycare. If your dog is over 7 months of age, he or she must be neutered or spayed.
- All dogs must be current on:

  • DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus & Parainfluenza)

  • Bordetella – or better known as Kennel Cough required every 12 months, however, we recommend every 6 months & at least 7 days prior to check-in to ensure maximum efficiency & protection against Kennel Cough.

  • Rabies 1 or 3-yr. vaccine required.

  • In addition to vaccinations, all dogs should be flea and tick free. All doggies with signs of fleas and/or ticks will be treated at our Grooming Salon at the pet parent’s expense prior to check-in.


- Each dog will undergo an initial behavior assessment upon first 4 hrs for FREE.
- Doggie VIP reserves the right to turn away any dog unsuitable for this environment.
- Signed waivers are required for enrollment.

Half day: Up to 4 Hours
Full day: 4 Hours +


Vaccines: All dogs that attend Doggie V.I.P must be at least 16 weeks old and remain current on Rabies, DHPP and Bordetalla vaccines.  The Rabies vaccine is required on all dogs by law and dogs will not be admitted to Doggie V.I.P if their Rabies vaccine is expired even by just one day.  While the law does not require the Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella vaccines, Doggie V.I.P strongly recommends that any dog attending our facility is current on these vaccines and we reserve the right to deny admission to any dog if these vaccines are not current.  Please be aware that the Bordetella vaccine takes several days to be effective, so we recommend that dogs receive their vaccines at least 7 days before attending Doggie V.I.P.  Also note that some dogs can exhibit symptoms of Canine Cough or Bordetella from receiving the vaccine.

It is your responsibility to bring your dog’s vaccination records from a licensed veterinarian at enrollment and each time your dog’s vaccines are renewed.  If you are unsure if we have your dog’s current vaccine records on file, you can either check your on-line account or call us. 

Medications: If your dog is taking any medications, be sure to bring them in the original bottle.  This is a state requirement and it ensures that we can provide accurate information to a veterinarian in the event of an emergency.  It is helpful if you can provide clear written instructions for administering your dog’s medications.  Doggie V.I.P charge an additional fee for administering medications.


Food:  We recommend that you bring your dog’s own food.  Continuing on their own food helps them avoid digestion issues that can result from switching food. Please label the food container with your Pet’s name and feeding amount.  You may also want to consider increasing the amount of food that your dog typically eats due to the increased activity level.  If you do not bring your dog’s own food, we provide a dry food with an extra charge of $5 per day. 

Rawhide Chews:  We do not allow the dogs to keep rawhide chews because of the potential choking hazard.


Personal Items: We provide toys and bowls. Do not bring items with your Pet that are valuable or irreplaceable. Doggie V.I.P is not responsible for loss or damage to any personal item or toy left with your Pet.



While we strive to achieve a safe environment for all dogs at Doggie V.I.P, we cannot prevent accidents, injuries, illnesses or changes in behavior.  By bringing your dog to Doggie V.I.P, you accept these risks and you release Doggie V.I.P and its staff from all liability arising from the occurrence of such events.

Just as when you send a child to school, dogs can get colds, coughs, stomach bugs and other contagious diseases. Just as your child’s school does not pay for doctor’s visits when your child is injured or becomes sick, Doggie V.I.P does not pay for vet bills if your dog becomes sick or is injured while with us.


Two of the more common contagious diseases are Canine Cough and Puppy Warts.


Canine Cough: Canine Cough, or Bordetella is the name for many different strains of upper respiratory diseases that cause a dog to cough or make a hacking or choking sound.  It is usually not very serious and will pass in a few days.  However, if your dog does begin coughing, we do recommend that they see a veterinarian to ensure that they receive proper treatment because the coughing can lead to more serious issues if left untreated. 

If your dog is coughing, do not bring them to Doggie V.I.P until your vet has cleared them to be around other dogs (typically a week or so after their symptoms have subsided.)  If a dog is boarding with us and begins to cough, we have isolated areas where they can stay that are vented to the outside until they are picked up.  We will also notify you and contact a veterinarian on your behalf. 


Puppy Warts:  These cauliflower shaped “warts” caused by the Canine Papilloma Virus typically appear in a dog’s mouth but can also appear on their paws or elsewhere.  They most commonly appear in dogs with weaker immune systems like puppies.  Like Chicken Pox for children, once a dog has had them, they have boosted their immune system against them and they typically do not get them again.  So, it is often considered just a “right of passage” for puppies.  They are not pretty, but they typically do not pose a health risk for your dog and they will usually just fall off in a week or two.  However, if your dog does contract Puppy Warts, you may want to contact your veterinarian just to ensure that there are no health concerns you need to consider.  Although Puppy Warts are contagious, very few dogs will contract them if they are around another dog with the warts since most dogs’ immune systems are strong enough to ward against them.  Even so, Doggie V.I.P does not allow dogs that have Puppy Warts to participate in group play until the warts are gone. 


Allergies: If your dog has allergies of any type, it is your responsibility to ensure that the staff at Doggie V.I.P is aware of these allergies and the protocols to follow in the event of a reaction.


Please let us know if your dog has any health issues.  We are able to care for many dogs with special health needs, such as special feeding, more frequent bathroom breaks, or mobility issues.  So, if your dog needs special care, be sure to discuss this with one of our managers prior to your dog’s arrival so that we can determine if we will be able to provide the care your dog needs. 


Emergencies: If any injury or medical problem develops while your dog is in the care of Doggie V.I.P, Doggie V.I.P is authorized to do whatever is deemed necessary for the safety, health and well-being of your dog and you agree to be responsible for any expense incurred.  If our staff is concerned that your dog has become seriously injured or ill, we will contact you or your emergency contact, if possible.  However, you acknowledge that a decision may need to be made quickly, and you authorize Doggie V.I.P to take your dog for emergency treatment if and when Doggie V.I.P, in its sole discretion, deems necessary.  Veterinary care can be expensive and surgeries to correct emergency medical conditions are not always successful. If you would prefer that Doggie V.I.P not seek emergency care for your dog, or if you would like a dollar limit on any emergency care, you must document that desire in writing with your signature for your dog’s file.  Otherwise, Doggie V.I.P will seek all available treatment possible in consultation with the veterinarian and you will be responsible for the payment or reimbursement of any expenses.


Abandoned Dogs: If your dog is lodging with us, you may extend your dog’s stay by calling and making payment in full if the stay is extended. Any dog that is left at Doggie V.I.P without extending the stay and appropriate payment, will be considered abandoned.  If your dog is deemed abandoned under local, state or federal laws or regulations, you understand that Doggie V.I.P will, by default, become the legal owner and guardian of the dog. 

Doggie V.I.P will then, in its sole discretion, determine whether to find another home for the dog or to relinquish the dog to a local shelter of its choice.  You understand and agree that if you abandon your dog at Doggie V.I.P, you may be unable to retrieve possession of your dog and will have no recourse against Doggie V.I.P.  You release Doggie V.I.P from all further liability and responsibility for your dog.

It is important for you to leave an emergency contact number other than someone that usually travels with you so that in the event you are unable to contact us, we have someone to contact about your dog’s stay.  If you abandon your dog, you will still be responsible for the full boarding stay and any expenses incurred, including but not limited to any applicable attorney’s fees or court costs. 


Webcams:  When your dog is at Doggie V.I.P you will be given access to our webcams when you buy a package. No refunds will be provided should our webcams not be operational.









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